Monday, April 14, 2014

Path to the Path #4: New Beginnings

Another week? Has it been another week?
This week went by in a flash. Looking at apartments with Andrew. Helping my mentor and friend Laurie with her awesome art oracle project she is launching at the Minneapolis Art Institute this month.

This week went by in a flash while I was waiting. Waiting for a job offer, hoping for an apartment.
Getting a new job!!! Things seeming to line up. Which for a thirty something year old means I am wary. Wary cause what will go wrong? Cause that is life. It isn't smooth sailing but negotiations. But also with the thirties comes a thing called gratitude. Wow, I have worked hard. I went out on a limb and got a degree in Public Practice art and that degree helped me land this job. A job where I will be doing some things that come naturally to me and getting to push myself to learn more. Wow, feeling blessed. No. No. I won't be a millionaire come next fall, but it is very possible I can help make an awesome organization even better. I will start this job May 5.

There is still a lot of waiting to do. Will Andrew and I get an apartment? Will the commute to my new job be easy on foot or bike? Will I go out in this new city? Will I find some new friends to go with my awesome old ones? Will I date? So in the mean time, I make a drawing. And I make this blog. And I apply to be an instructor at the University of MN. Some sort of pool they are creating for future classes.

This drawing is inspired by a pot I saw at Continental Clay. They have a little informal gallery you can buy things at in their industrial but tiny store. I guess it is a waiting drawing as drawing the same form over and over again is a kind of waiting. A kind of patience. I wanted to see what it would look like flat to make something that swirled.

This was a waiting week. One in which I let myself take a long bath. One in which I let myself read lots. One in which I didn't apply for anymore jobs cause I hoped for the one I interviewed for would come true.

The big life lesson? Even after receiving the good news of a new job. The work is just beginning. Life happens and the negotiations in some ways get easier with knowing I will continue to be able to support myself. While they also get harder. Now I have to put my passion into action. So this week. Just breathing. Meditating. Working (I have a poster commission and online freelance). And just letting things be. Not getting wrapped up in other people's emotions about my life. Just taking it one day at a time.

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