Thursday, September 19, 2013

Half Moon Bay Introduction

It has been a long road to Half Moon Bay. And I held it in my heart as the end of a long journey. A place where I could hang my hat as they used to say. Arriving in Half Moon Bay was what I thought it would be because Laura, the woman opening her house to me is an amazing person. I have visited her as a friend two times and always left HMB filled with a sense of ease and renewed. We have been talking about me visiting as an artist in residence for almost a year now. I didn't realize that in my new capacity. I would feel a bit overwhelmed at first. We are planning an amazing large scale event. Where folks will come to Half Moon Bay and walk with strangers on the beach. It is just getting started but it will be a magical day.
There is a rhythm to being a nomad. Where the first few days are rough, and then you usually have a break down and then feel much better. Coming to HMB followed that ritual. I came in and got to meet all of these awesome Bad Art Night friends of Laura's and then I got to chill. In Paige style I am pushing myself pretty for a half marathon as I settle in. That has been a challenge but it also keeps my mind of the biggest stress/terror of all....having time to make VISUAL art! I have already been battling the....oh my visual art SUCKS.....I can't sell any of this....I shouldn't even get started none of my work will be any good. I still haven't ordered supplies to paint. I have watercolors and some illustration board. But I will triumph over this half marathon AND over my fear of more traditional mediums!
I will make sure to take some photos of the lovely folks of Bad Art Night, Laura will invite them to convene at the end of the month on Friday. As it is a bi-monthly art party of making BAD art! No holds bar, just do whatever you want. With my terror of VISUAL art, it is a great place for me to be. I will take some photos of what I make next week.
So I made it! I am here in Half Moon Bay!

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  1. So happy you are here. Sorry to be adding to your terrors.