Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Breathing Meditation

Take a deep breath. Well no it doesn't actually matter if it is deep or if it is shallow. You just have to pay attention. Let the breath out. Doesn't matter if you are the best breather outer ever. You just have to notice that breath.

Meditating doesn't mean that you will never freak out again. That you will have a panic-less life and that everything will go your way. But for me it seems to let me disconnect from those feelings more quickly than in the past.

I have done a good job of following life's goals for me. Get a Master's. Get a good job. Now realize none of that matters and think about what you really want. :) This is a strange time or so it seems for those of us that were young adults during the Boom. When it really felt like all you had to do to be utterly rich and successful was work real hard. Well, that isn't the feeling anymore. We all realize this system is pretty defunct. That your worth is not wrapped up in your day job. So what do we do now? A lot of people are saying "Might as well follow my dreams now that there are no jobs out there." People are banding together to create stronger communities making community gardens, time banks, and spending quality time watching movies and making dinners at each others houses instead of eating out or going to the theater. Less money can cause ingenuity and in turn sometimes it can bring people together. On the flip side it can make people greedy, angry, and depressed to not have the money they think they deserve.

Breath In. Breath out. Notice which nostril you take the air in with and which nostril it leaves from. I was taught to give significance to every choice, every move that I made. Which is total bull. Life is most definitely a place where you have to be conscious of your actions and how they affect others. But if we get too caught up and give our actions too much hype. Falls. Stumbles. Not being who someone else wants you to be. Are just moments. If we focus on succeeding too much it paralyzes us and it makes us control freaks.

Breath In. Breath out. Meditation has brought me to a place where I practice letting go. It doesn't mean that I don't fidget or check the time while I meditate. It means every day I practice. Every day I focus and let go. And hopefully it is having lasting effects on how I live my life. So far, it feels like it has.

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