Monday, March 17, 2014

Path to Path Post #2

Well, what a difference a week makes!
Two days after starting this project with Joy. I got a call promising a job interview…well I guess I could say I have a promising lead on a job! Which really helped to kick me out of the blue mood I was in for the past few weeks. Along with that, THIS PROJECT kicked me into gear.
What is amazing is that in just one week. This project already has so much depth. After speaking with my friend Alison about digital media and intimacy last week and bemoaning the viral clothing ad with people kissing "strangers," aka other models. I was wondering where authenticity lives on the internet. WELL. The internet is what brought Joy and I together. Through Facebook I am friends with someone I went to high school with. Through this friend who I reconnected with over not getting an arts residency. She shared one of her best friends with me. Joy! That is her name and I think she reflects the emotion pretty well too. In this past week, I would kick my ass to draw ANYTHING each day. Using a list she sent me of stream of consciousness about Paths to a Path. As I hope to get to the Camino in 1-2 years time depending on what job I can get here in Minneapolis that will let me leave for a month to walk this amazing pilgrimage.

I didn't expect Joy and I to dig too deep to fast but I guess we are both that type of person. we have shared confidences and through them we are making tangible authentic artworks from it. This week I am excited to get to work on a drawing I will share with you later this week.

Also check out this great exhibit I am part of virtually in England!

AND check out my artist statement on my website. Updates abound!

Until then here are the images of the drawings that got me started and excited about art I made last week:

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