Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Path to a Path #7: It is ok to be the over excited passionate artist that you are

Sloppy with sweat 
I emerge from the cloud of my bed
I feel the friction of clouds pressing down on my singular body
Sweat flowing into sweat flowing into sweat into heat into sticky musings

Sloppy with sweat
I emerge from the confusion of hatred
That had nowhere to collect
in the dry desert heat of the vista by the sea

I come home
To get sloppy
I come home 
To allow the valleys and peaks 

To gather under the immense sky 
To stomp
To accept
Go old memories
Strike out on the tarmac 
Flash and dance 
with wet damp heat in the night's sky
interrupt my sleep tonight
then race the moon to your next destination

Sloppy with sweat I move slowly 
in fits and starts
I let it all hang out 
to be gathered again in a new formation
tiny water droplets of new memories in the making

Sunshine has new meaning when I am not sure of it's return
I grab today 
I grab today
I wipe the sweat of my body
and I grab today
Today I will let the moon dance 
the sun blare
the trees will be my beacons
sketching anew
breathing anew
Moving through the untrainable air of today
The rubbing of fluffy clouds

Releasing a sigh of relief they fly 

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