Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Athica Artist Talk

This is very tardy but I have traveled from Athens to Pittsburgh to Minneapolis in just a few days time. That is my excuse.

On May 30th, I gave an Artist Conversation at Athica in Athens, GA. It was an amazing experience as I didn't use the power point I had created for the trip about Walk with ME. But rather I spoke about myself and my practice and asked others to ask questions and give feedback. This then led to the question of how Athens could support this type of work.
I asked everyone to tell me their names, an art form they are interested in, and something they love about Athens. We had an energetic crowd and I learned a lot about Athens and got excited about the potential it held. There seems to be the mental space for art to grow here. I think places are less or more receptive and Athens seems ripe to receive as much art that can be made.
What was great for me is that I was nervous to present this work. This project a little out there. But people were engaged and asked some great questions. Athens is innately a creative community. It is a place where many people create some sort of art no matter their day job. I could have chatted for hours but it was hot and getting late. Leslie and Hope took me to Normal Bar and I had a Mermaid Tears...a drink I was told I had to try before I left.
I reflected on when I have gone to Artist Talks and with them being at a college or an art establishment I assumed a level of legitimacy. I ate up everything they said and presented as truth. Art isn't about truth. Art is about exploration and translation. I learned a lot as the presenter. As someone that people revere from a position of listener not presenter. It was a really good conversation that helped me start to digest this project.

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