Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pittsburgh Visit #2 Walk #2 with Lavi

I must admit I came to Pittsburgh pretty exhausted. Hung over truth be told. And it took me until the second day to be close to recovered. What came next was a migraine. So I was sort of limping through my event. I was drinking tons of water and a large Tylenol helped ease the sinus pressure which I think was migraine related not allergy related.
Cheyenne, a walker from my first time in Pittsburgh stopped by and brought along Lavi. We sat and chatted for awhile. Lavi had some burn marks on her arm that she said had been intentional which raised some alarm warnings. As burning oneself is not something I think is a smart idea.
Lavi asked if I was up for a walk and I said yes. this walk pushed my anxiety buttons as I knew Lavi and I didn't agree on certain parameters of acceptable behavior but as per usual a walk will show you that you have common ground with everyone.
Lavi and I spoke about how she has an art partner in which she cuts her as an art practice. Once again I had to voice my opinion that this freaks me out. We kept walking and talking about art and her ideas about films she would like to make. Which included this idea of the 23rd century girl that is more open and trusting in their sexual practices.
We then spoke about saying no. That anyone always has the right to say no. they don't need an excuse or a reason, you can always say no. And that is a great lesson to take away from a walk. you don't need a reason if you don't feel right then you don't need to walk. There were some great lessons in communication in this walk. I wonder with all my reservations if we would have taken a walk if we would have had this conversation before hand. If I would have said actually I am feeling weird about this.
I am a hypochondriac so Lavi's burn marks set off a lot of nervous thinking...that somehow I could get sick being near her wounds. Which is pretty irrational as I didn't have any open wounds or touched any of her wounds. which for the most part were healing and not open.
This walk pushed me to a new edge of uncomfortablilty. Where Lavi and I were not going to agree but we could still talk, converse, and share energy that was positive. What an intense lesson to end on. While I take 3 weeks to prepare for the show at Fox Egg Gallery.

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