Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pittsburgh Visit #2 Walk # 1 with Tierza

After finishing up the monotypes, posters, and getting to meet some great folks in Athens, GA. I was headed back to Pittsburgh to work with Edith Abeyta again. Edith is an amazing artist and more importantly one of the best human beings I know.
So I got into town and Bob, her awesome husband picked me up at the airport. I rested up and on Saturday at a Walk with ME event at The Brew house where Edith's show "Botanizing the Asphalt."
I had made a Zine in Athens that I got printed out and I folded up a dozen or so to leave at The Brew House. I sat down in the gallery and hoped for some walkers.

First Tierza stopped in. she is an artist that has a flyer in the show. She lives 2 hours away and made the trek for the event. She is in her late 50s and an artist.We had a lovely walk. We spoke about spirits transforming into animals after a person's death, we spoke about helping the elderly, art, and life in general.
While on this walk I thought about the way we speak about ourselves. The story we tell ourselves. In my case for decades I told a story of depression and sadness and being less than. The story we tell others. Often times we try to glamourize ourselves or have people pity us depending on what we need. And then there is the reality of our lives. Which I am seeing more and more as not as dramatic as we make it out to ourselves or others.   
It was a partly cloudy day and cool. Which is great for walking. Tierza was very complimentary towards the project and we had a lovely time.

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