Monday, August 12, 2013

Walk with ME update...printed, exhibited, and on to the next location!

Wanted to get an update into the internets of the web. Walk with ME continued a successful summer after finishing up it's time in Georgia. I went to Minnesota where Alen and I finished up the book design long distance. I prepared for an exhibition of the work and exhibited at Fox Egg Gallery in Minneapolis. The book was printed and sold at this amazing show!
Then it was back to LA to perform "LABOR-ation" at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica with Hanna Kovenock and Julia Marasa. A lovely book signing party was held in Santa Monica at Terry Norton Wright's apartment. It was wonderful to bring the book back to where I feel like my art world centers around. In one way I feel immensely supported by my close art friends and still completely invisible to the larger art world.
4 copies are for sale at
So the walks were a success, Alen made a gorgeous book that I authored/illustrated. We showed it all off in Minneapolis. We celebrated in LA. Now the project continues! I spoke with Laura, a woman starting a residency in Half Moon Bay, California. I will be the inaugural resident this Fall from Sept. 16-Dec 1. I will be continuing Walk with ME. I hope to find 3-5 people to walk with me once a week and create a more profound connection with the walkers. Possibly even make some art objects with them. Not just written observations. Also, I will be inviting artists from SF out for walks in HMB.

Belly Drawing from 2010
Along with Walk with ME, I will be starting a project about strengthening my core. A psychic affirmed my assumptions that I am a bit mis-aligned. I am not reaching my full potential because my chakras are a bit blocked. Including my third chakra, so I am going to spend my time in HMB physically, emotionally, and intuitively, strengthening my core. The working title right now is "Excorising My Core." But for now I will title blog posts about this piece "CORE." I will be buying one of these yoga balls you sit on and doing exercises. Along with that there will be some performances/rituals to try to unblock my chakras. And if I can find a rolf-er in Half Moon Bay a 10 week session to realign my body physically.