Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Walk with Me WARM

Come to St Kate's to see the WARM show!
Information about Walk with Me walks below!

My career as an artist and as a curator has always been in line and surrounded by feminist work.
It is a safe haven for me. And it is the one place I have found consistent support for my art. After doing the Women's Art Institute at MCAD in 2007, I immediately went out and got a WARM mentor. While I worked on my art to get into graduate school, I met with my mentor.

I was jazzed after being in the WAI. I kept making work and applied to schools.
Honestly, WARM was bit of a blip for me. I left for LA and moved on from Minnesota for awhile.
While in LA, I assisted in the curation of Doin' It In Public, an exhibition about the Woman's Building in Los Angeles. I was the producer of the opening events and was very involved in the creation of the catalogs that went with our Pacific Standard Time funded show. I met Lily Tomlin, Phranc, Judy Chicago, and so many more amazing artists.

When the Woman's Building was going on so was the beginning of WARM. Judy Chicago visited St Catherine's in the early 70s and in my mind the strong feminist bent of Los Angeles and Minnesota are connected in many ways.

What stuck from the Women's Art Institute was a connection to Pat Olsen and a thread to the community in Minnesota. That thread helped me come back to Minnesota and literally weave together a fulfilling life and artistic time. First by being in the Feminist Art Show at St Kate's in 2014. Exhibiting my performance piece, Walk with ME. Then hosting me as a guest lecturer at WAI. And even helping me connect to a job at Wet Paint.
Part of my WetPaint family is shown below:

So here we are. It is 2018 and we are honoring WARM and all it has done. Along with my Meditation Work which is a new project for me. I am showing the first book made from Walk with ME. So when I met with Heather Carroll the curator, I said "Why not do some walks for the exhibit also?" She loved the idea. So here I am. Looking for people connected to WARM to walk with. I like to also connect Women's Art Institute to these walks. As I see WAI as an extension of/adjacent experience to WARM. It is all about women artists. And more broadly if you identify as a woman or as non binary but haven't felt comfortable to enter a space labeled women in the way WARM is, I would love to walk with you too.

Email me at
These are the dates I am walking from the gallery at St. Kate's:
Saturday November 10 from 11am-3pm (Noon spot is already spoken for)
Monday Nov 26 11am-3pm
Sunday Dec 2 2pm-6pm

I want to thank Beth Bergman for her support. Since moving back to Minnesota, I can say she is one of the biggest supporters of me and my work. She told the curator to contact me to be in this show. Unbeknownest to either of us, we were making art that would look fantastic next to each other! Both working abstractly, we both meditated. She on symbols of the goddess and wings. Myself on the breath itself. I am so fortunate to have worked for Beth at Wet Paint before she retired.

One last sidetone, Women's Art Institute at a fundraiser at this opening. And it seems I can't resist a WAI fundraiser. It was how I bought my first Gregory Graham piece. And now I snagged a Joyce Lyons piece. I am obsessed with light and shadow through window blinds. Even made a video of it once in grad school. So I had to have this piece!

Come on, come all. Artists! Walk with me! Thanks for reading and visit the show at St Kate's!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Walk with Me: Art Amplifies

Hi all! It has been awhile. 
Can you all believe Walk with Me has been going on for five years now?
Time flies! 

Though I haven't done any official walks since being at Vital Matters in 2016. 

There has been a few things going on. Mainly, one of the organizers of Vital Matters used the Walk with Me title to sell a piece of art work to a museum. 

It was a winter of feeling rather invisible. Someone I thought supported my work. Someone who did a Walk with Me walk. Forgot that it was the name of my work and instead of amplifying my work or lifting it up. Came up with excuses for why from a list of other titles she couldn't change the title. 

In this life, as a woman, as a woman that queers life by questioning social structures, I have a lot of opportunities to feel invisible. This situation made me feel so invisible, it heightened my depression to a point that my co-workers were concerned. As I asked for what I needed, the artist to change the title. I ended up getting the title changed but I lost a friend and I feel even more invisible than I did before. I realized if I can't be seen in this situation. I want to help other artists be seen. 

So I need all of your help. Walk with Me is not just about me finding connection. I want it to be about all of us work a day artists that don't have parents on the boards of museums, or money to quit our day jobs to find connection. Let's amplify each other's work. Using this blog as a platform maybe you can find collaborators? Or feel seen and heard. Maybe you can find inspiration to do the projects you have been holding back on.

This fall into next year. I want us to go on walks, hold hands, talk about our art work (we all are doing creative work of some kind take this time to talk about it) and then use this blog as a platform to share that work. 

Here is the plan:

1)Find a painter, dancer, weaver, actor, hobbyist, etc to walk with. 

2)Hold hands (even if you are wearing gloves)

3) Talk about your art work, your hopes and dreams (even those who see themselves as non artists have dreams! we all are creative)

4) Document the experience. Take a photo of your hands, take a selfie, write down your thoughts, draw something)

5) Send photos and type up your thoughts to:

6) I will then post this info to the blog.*

***PLEASE INCLUDE WEBSITES, instagrams, ETC of artists so I can AMPLIFY your work***

*As the manager of the site I have the right to not post anything I find inappropriate. I want to post documentation of actual walks and real connection between two (or more!) people*

A soft launch of this project is happening in connection with the show:

I will be doing walks with WARM artists (or any local artist who signs up) these days:
Saturday November 10 from 11am-3pm
Monday Nov 26 11am-3pm
Sunday Dec 2 2pm-6pm

Sign up for walks here:

I am asking WARM artists to walk together and learn about each others work. And then email me about their walks. But hey, everybody, near and far! Let's walk together and connect around our collective creativity. 

And I want to use this fall time to get us all walking together. Let us amplify the creative work of others.

Thank you!!!! And Happy Fall!