Thursday, September 19, 2013

First walk in Half Moon Bay!!!! Walk with Me Part Deux: Walk with Kati

 While getting food, Laura and I run into her daughter at the grocery store! Kati had replied to my facebook invite and seemed super excited to be a part of my project! Which felt really great to have someone close to my age say "Sure! I'll walk with you!" The really great thing is Kati agreed that we could try to walk multiple times. In this way, we could maybe think up a deeper connection/profound project instead of just our reflections. Luckily, since this was our first walk....we just needed to walk and hold hands. Lofty ideas can be for later.

Kati met me at her Mom's house around 10am and we went over to Smith Field. A local dog park on the beach. It has a lot of great windy gravel paths. It was a warm day. Kati is an event planner and we ran into a dog walker she is hoping to have be a part of a dog friendly day at her work. I really like Kati's confidence and drive when it comes to her job. Truthfully, it reminded me of when I loved jobs I had in the past and I gave it my all. And then it reminded me of how in the past year or so, I had an experience where I grew so very tired of giving my all. It was so refreshing to see someone passionate about their job.
We talked a lot about relationships, the local area that I am learning about, about a mutual mentor who has helped us both make great strides in our life, and about the project. It was fun to see a landing strip for toy planes hidden among the reeds and pass by lots of dogs and their owners. Everyone was very kind to us and smiled hello.

What is great about my walk with Kati is it made me realize I can't come to Half Moon Bay and just keep reflecting like I have done for the last 47 walks. I am ready to dig deeper into this project. I don't know what that means yet. Perhaps visual sketches or different exercises with those I walk with.
What is great is that the effects of a walk have stayed the same. Both of us, were relaxed after our walk. A sense of joy and calm sink into me while we walked. I can't remember everything we talked about but I remember the view of the bluffs and the sea. The great feeling of starting again with this project. I have a lot of worries about how many people I can get to walk with me in this smaller coastal town. Especially with some people being a bit frightened of holding hands. But Kati's walk made me realize that just like my worries on my tour, they are just that, worries, nothing more.
Feeling so glad to be here at Laura's and having the time to explore and the time to take in the sea.
I don't always do this but Kati had the most beautiful words to record our walk:
"The sound of the surf meeting the shore anew,
As we learn from one another
about where we are,
where we have been, and where we will end up.
Reminds me that each day
brings new treasure to behold.
New memories to hold dear,
Just as we hold hands
along the ocean bluffs."
How perfect!


  1. I don't know the emoticon for tears (good ones), but being a sponsor of this on different levels warms my little heart. xo