Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Path to Path Post: Drawing for Joy #1

Well, walk with me. Walk with me and Joy.
We are starting a collaboration from afar.
Joy is a friend of a friend of mine from High School, Kelly.
As I move back to Minnesota. All these awesome people are coming out of the wood work to make me feel welcomed. Kelly is one of them. A few months back she connected me to Joy, an artist that lives in Portugal. I was Facebook chatting with Joy a week and half ago telling her about my desire to walk The Camino (or Caminho in Porteguese). Joy lives on the Caminho in Portugal!!! An amazing coincidence. I don't have the money yet to make my Caminho dreams come true yet. BUT I have a new friend that will pick me up when I reach Santiago, Spain because Joy lives two hours by car from there. Now I have the options to walk the Portuguese Caminho or do the Camino Frances. Last week, was a really tough week for me as I adjust back to Minnesota and feelings of low self esteem have permeated my thoughts. Suddenly, Joy and I were discussing starting a Path to a Path. Starting an artistic journey/conversation of our lives while I make my way to the Caminho. This is the beginning.

We have shared lists together and here is my first drawing. Tree Branches.

I have no money coming in, but need a Moleskin for this project so I am pulling out my coveted Amazon gift certificate and it is time to get our collabs Moleskine and the books Chris Kraus told me to read to enhance my memoir-ish fiction after our writing class.

The drawing of trees always makes me think about people and how we intersect and interact and what that looks like from a distance. Which reminded me of this heart drawing I did that was a silk screen I did this summer…

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