Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pittsburgh Walk #1 Art

I took a 9 hour train ride to Pittsburgh and I have to try to convince you that it wasn't a burden. It really was a calm time for me. Being by myself and getting to rest, sleep, and work on the content for the book.
I got to Pittsburgh at 8pm and Edith got me home and fed me before I fell into bed.
It was a most gorgeous Pittsburgh day, with trees a blooming and the sun and fluffy clouds playing nice.

We met Art Noose at 10am in front of the Children's Museum. Where there is this amazing Cloud Machine sculpture that mists our clouds. Her son, did not like the spray coming at us.
Edith said her goodbyes and away we went down the street. Art noose told me after a block or so that she wasn't comfortable holding hands. And I surprised myself by saying that was ok. If she wasn't comfortable I wasn't going to push it. I know. I know it is an integral part of the project, but if Art didn't want to do this. Than we would walk anyway.
And walk  we did. we walked the North Side of Pittsburgh streets and about half way into the walk. It was great because Art knows lots about the city of Pittsburgh.We were talking about the same type of intimate things I talk about with hand holders. We talked about how she ended up in Pittsburgh, her job, her life, her child and her new home. And we talked about my dreams, aspirations...it can't remember exactly but it felt like I really was able to share something with her as we walked. That she opened up and told me serious stuff.
Art has an amazing tattoo that says "Walk It Off." i understand the boozey implications of this tattoo. But in the moment I took it differently. I myself am walking it off. What i mean is I am getting out there and just letting all of this thoughts percolate in my mind without making any decisions.
With that there was a lot of talk of the housing market in Pittsburgh. Man oh man, is it cheap to buy a house...and I am tempted to come here and buy up a 2-3 story house and make it into a gallery/studio/apartment. Very tempted. there are a lot of possibilities when your rent is 1/4 of LA rent...
Overall, it was a great walk with Art. I do wonder what it would have been like to break through her discomfort of holding hands. But I respected her choice, while respecting my choice to still spend time with her. Even though we didn't touch, something very special transpired.
As an ending note, her son, was very well behaved. He got tired near the end and a tiny bit fussy. Nothing a taboo toy like a pen and paper wouldn't stop though. :) Again I ended up with a nursing mother in public. Which I think is becoming part of this project. Advocating for women to be able to nurse in public.

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