Monday, May 27, 2013

Around Town, Athens

So I felt the need to cap the project. To be done. So I could enter into a space to make some art on paper. The thing with this project is, it is persistant. It doesn't want to end and I need what it has to offer.
For the book's sake though. I have finished the content. Alen is working away on the design and I am working away on the posters. Which has been a lovely change from roaming around kingdom come and settling for a second in Athens. Also, I realize all of my interactions now, are just grist for a new book to come. That this project is shifting and creating a second volume as we speak.
I am new to Southern culture. I seem to put my foot in my mouth more than if I was in states I had lived  before. Also, I try to speak more from the heart and worry less about people will think. Which is hard for a people pleaser.
A cool effect of the project, is getting to hold hands more. :)
So around Athens there has been some spontaneous hand holding.
First with Daniel,

a friend of Darin's that was in town for the night. We were at the Manhattan, a local bar in downtown Athens. It was Fancy May. Fancy May is Katherine and her friends night on the town tradition. Every spring, they try to once a week, get dressed up and go out for drinks. The place doesn't get fancier, they get dressed up and turn heads. I have a limited wardrobe but I am holding my own and pulling out the dresses from the bottom of my backpacking backpack. It felt real good to have a few maker's mark and blenheim's ginger ales with some smart fancy ladies.

Darin and showed up at the bar and Daniel and I had a great chat about snow. Daniel is studying in Chicago and is from Georgia so it was fun to hear a southern poet's feelings and images of snow. Including how ungly it can become when it turns grey and dog pissed stained. Someone who understands the many shades and emotions of snow. It isn't always a christmas card bleach holds more than that....

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