Saturday, May 11, 2013

Walk in Rockville, MD with Kari

Sometimes, I feel like all of this is very fated. I can worry about who I walk with and hwo I see. But in the end, who I am "supposed" to walk with seems to line up. After Kest and I got back from DC we drove over to Rockville. To meet with Kari. She is the younger sister of a friend of Kest's. Kari is an artist. She went to SVA in NYC. 

It is amazing everytime you meet someone and then take their hand just a minute later. We walked down the road and started talking and it felt fated cause it felt like I was there to inspire Kari to keep going. To keep making art and not get discouraged. As young people we judge ourselves so harshly. We think everything goes as planned and that if it doesn't we give up. Whereas life is more of a stumbling and a scrambling. We sock away money to make our dreams come true. We randomly meet the people that shape us and who we love is never who we thought it would be. In a way it is a lot more exciting then the way we see it when we are young. It is also a lot more work. 
Part of me wants to tell young artists to find other jobs. Cause the money is sporadic and not that of a lawyer or business person. Then I look at how happy I am when I get to perform and make art. how happy Kest is. And I realize whatever Kari wants to do is worth trying. And that her happiness is more important than money. So is mine. 
We walked down to a cute bridge and woodsy area. I had to fit in seeing an old friend for dinner so we had to turn around at that point and walk back. It was a lovely walk that made me feel like a mentor and like hopefully this walk will help Kari make decisions to make more art and to be happier. 
It was a cloudy end of the day walk with a little bit of rain but it was a great time. 

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