Saturday, May 11, 2013

Walk in Washington DC with Kest

Kest and I walked in between our quick and sufficient jaunts to Smithsonian museums.

Walking with Kest, was very natural as we have been intense friends for a long time. Kest is a very open person and she holds hands and touches her friends. For her and I this was not a new experience.
Walking around Dc doing it was for me. And in a way it ended up being heartening, as we saw other folks holding hands and a teenage girl took our picture without blinking an eye. We walked by a lot people and it felt like a radical act. As I move southernly, I do feel more and more nervous about holding ladies hands. If this is a real worry or imagined I have not found out yet.

 We got a little lost getting to the White House mostly out of fear that we were going to miss it. It was a cool, cloudy windy day. It was a great day to hold hands. I was SO TIRED from not enough vegetables and not enough bowel movements. I was pretty disconnected from my body. And this walk grounded me. 
Kest and I spread out a rippling energy of joy as we talked of life and art. There isn't much to say other than it was a great walk in a place filled with history and art.

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