Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pittsburgh Walk #2 David

I am a little distracted as Edith is making French Toast....
I was lucky to have a few connections to Pittsburgh that connected me to potential walkers. My friend, Kest, connected me to David. I took the bus in Pittsburgh for the first time and headed to David's new office. Where he and a few colleagues are starting an tech business. They were eagerly getting into talking shop. I was able to rest after busing it over, go to the bathroom, and get some more water.

It was a hot Pittsburgh day, or it felt that way after being farther north. David was an eager participant and really open to the experience. His hand shot out, he had a route planned, and away we went. We walked up and down East Liberty, Friendship, and Garfield streets. We chatted away about dance, contra and postmodern, David’s schooling, and our mutual friend Kest.

What was amazing was a moment in Garfield when we decided to be silent until we reached the restaurant we were going to eat dinner. It was the longest of the silent walks and I really enjoyed it. Though David’s legs were longer than mine we found a pretty good stride. Going up a large cobblestone street, I had an ecstatic moment. Where the silence, the sun hitting the cobblestones, and the effort walking up hill, made my mind and body sort of sparkle; with the simplicity of the moment colliding with the complexity of that moment, made me sublimely happy. I explained it as “Sweetly, energetically smilingly silent.”
I found David more intense than I which is always interesting for me. I think of myself as on the extreme end of intense. David was very attentive to my needs and really communicative. I really appreciated all of this.
The walk was fairly long and then we walked to Hambones in Pittsburgh.  Where the group David is a part of, Obscure Games has a game night. This is in the Lawrenceville neighborhood. Which is an up and coming arts district of Pittsburgh. It was really exciting to see the arts spaces and the empty buildings which hold a LOT of potential for possible arts projects.
We ran into one of David’s favorite public art projects. A anonymous protractor to any public site he wants. It is a pretty amazing project to run into. They have numbers on them. And no one knows who the guy doing it is. I would like to meet him and ask him why protractors? Is it political? It is non sensical? I guess it is all in one. And I was please to know he has eluded the authorities.
Overall, David’s walk was an awesome walk that left me feeling good about life and art. I am so glad to have been connected to him. Along with that I met a woman that would walk with me the next day. I was a little intimidating.

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