Monday, May 13, 2013

Walk in Asheville with Brad

I can't seem to leave the house and explore Asheville without writing this blog. I am obsessed and committed to this project. I can't even take a day off.
I met Brad through Lydia. Lydia is my friend from Boston. she was my boyfriend of the time's roommate. Lydia and I had a lot of great conversations then and have stayed in touch. She is in the mental health field and an artist. She is a great painter.
Brad is an artist. We met the day before our walk. His girlfriend, Ruby, Shannon, Lydia, and I had a great time hanging out and going out on the town in Asheville. Asheville is filled with amazing bars and one pretty shitty dance club. But we got a few good dances out of that dance club.
So suffice it to say I was a little hungover when Brad and I went for a walk. I felt a bit guilty about this hang over. As I try to do these walks sober. Brad was so excited to be a part of the project though, I wasn't going to pass up this walk.
Brad picked me up at Lydia's house and we drove a short ways to Majestic Rd. Where we took a peaceful neighborhood walk around Asheville. Brad is much taller than I, though shorter than Dirk in Boston, so I was able to pace my strides easier. It was a warm but windy day. It was really pleasant to hold Brad's hand. It was very comfortable after getting to chat with him last night. We spoke a bout art and life as we walked. In a very short time I learned a lot about Brad and I shared some thoughts about art that I hadn't gotten out for awhile.

It was about a 30 minute walk, which now feels short, because Brad had to get out of town by a certain time. But I think with the hang over and all I couldn't have taken a longer walk. :)
Brad on the walk mentioned that immediately he felt an energy be exchanged, a sort of cylinder that passed back and forth between us. Which is a great image of the energy that can be exchanged on these walks.
He also spoke of the Enso, a Japanese art practice that focuses on quieting the mind so that the soul and body can create art. This practice is alot about that. In the act of walking and holding hands the mind can't get in the way of healing and growing. What a blessed act to be a part of. Brad honored this act and participated wholly.
After walking we went to the DeSoto Cafe, we had a drink. My ginger ale was great even if the windy cold made me think I needed to get some tea. We had a great chat that continued from our walk talks and exchanged information. we both are excited to make connections to an artist in another region as we could bring opportunity to eachother.
Great walk and a new artist friend to boot! I am finally getting out there and sketching this afternoon. In the belly of the West Asheville scene.

I added this one cause I think it is a super cute picture of me :P

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