Saturday, May 11, 2013

Debit Card and DC

Sorry for the delay on posts. There was a very quick leg to Durham, NC that I had two days of travel for one day of walking and friends. I am now in Asheville, NC for a few days. And have time to blog. As per usual of a trip like this. I am REALLY excited not to be moving around everyday and to have a little stability and I am also anxious about leaving Asheville. Do I leave Tuesday? What will I miss out on Wednesday? This whole trip I have done a good job of flowing with it all and now I am getting all caught up with anxiety.
Back to documenting walks. So In Frederick, MD I stayed with Kest. We planned a trip Washington DC to walk in front of the White House and run through Smithsonian Museums. Which are free and amazing! We started at the Schindler Gallery and then the Hirschorn moving through the outdoor installations of the African Art museum to the national Gallery's contemporary wing and then to the national history museum to catch the dinosaurs. :) Kest comes down all the time for research and to enjoy the museums so she could navigate to all of them and sticking a walk in the middle of it.
Kest is an advenderous soul, that lives in her studio and makes amazing copper masks for her living. She travels in her Mazda Miata with the top down and her trailer holding her wares. She is a romantic and at the same time very practical. We had already gone to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival that weekend. So we had gotten our travel on.
I woke up a bit tired but determined to get to DC. We drove to Shady Grove and I needed to buy a metro card to get on. I promptly stuck my debit card in the WRONG slot with only a sliver of it sticking out.Well that is what happens when you are half asleep and stick your only debit card in the slot that GIVES you your metro card. I of course freaked out inside. We went and told the lady working and she said she would call and see if the guy could come open the machine.....
We both thought this meant we would be there for 3 hours...and this was my day for DC. SO, I went upstairs to get the phone service to cancel my can be imagined when you don't know your card number cause it is sucked up in a machine...the customer service person at Wells Fargo was not that helpful ESPECIALLY because I wanted her to send it to my parents address. As I was traveling for another month!  
As I was about to change the address on my card. Kest comes running up the stairs...with my card!!!!!!!
I got off the phone as quick as I could and away we went to DC after I got enough money on my new metro card. :)
The joke of the day was...well I have my card. After I spontaneously would burst into laughter.

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