Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Darin Walk in Athens, GA #3

This walk is the most perfect walk to end my tour of Walk with ME. Darin is a true gentlemen and an artist. A person with so much character I can't really put it down in this paper. I have figured out that he is THE man about town. He knows a ton of people and they all adore him. Darin has not been sleeping well so I was worried about how our walk would go. If someone has hardly slept, how can they connect to me? Darin had planned a route and we had a few social stops where I met people that Darin loved. 
We also brought Darin's dog Dash. An adorable dog of some Georgian breed, I hadn't heard of.
The walk just came together. What is so special about Darin is he makes the world a brand new place. He wants to make everything special. So it is.

We started out by going to the train tracks. We were awkwardly holding hands. Not palm to palm. Just fingers. I think we both were a little nervous. Train tracks and trains are romantic things to me so the walk started out on this artsy romantic wave length.We stopped by his friend Anna's house and met her husband and her. And their dog Pancho. At each stop Darin and I would stop holding hands. Partly for the dog but I think out of comfort for Darin. I said it was ok cause at this point I am bit lax with the rules of the walks. :) The nervousness wore away and soon we were jabbering away. About where Darin had lived. Where I had. Some of his relationships. My time in LA. We walked to ATHICA which was closed for installation. But we ran into more friends of his. At some point we got sweet tea from the Bread Basket.
 At this point, there was no way that we could hold hands, as Dash and the sweet tea were a bit much for Darin. I was a tiny bit disappointed to not get to hold Darin's hand anymore cause we were just getting into an energetic groove. But what I have learned is that I can still feel the connection and it was there. My drawing showed two little bundles of light in grass green. That was Darin and I.
We went by his friend Laura's house but she was already at sound check. I felt like Darin wanted to connect me to all the high energy artists that he knew. That he wanted to connect sparks in a network together.
I have to admit I was tired before this walk and possibly dehydrated. I was pushing myself so hard to get things rolling here artistically. The posters I want to make need to get made and not to waste this opportunity. But walking always helps.
We stopped by his day job, and I met some of his friends there. I also caught sight of this adorable and sexy man that works with Darin. Who it seems I have developed a quick severe crush on. Maybe it is the combination of his motorcycle and his nerdy glasses...who knows... I am learning not to judge the feelings I have and the choices I make. I just hope I run into him again.

After work we kept walking.There was a minature library and we both picked out books. We got back to Darin's and I was hopped up on two servings of sweet tea. And Darin had indulged me with more sights of the beauty of Athens, and more importantly we had weaved together our hope in art and other people. We shared and it was lovely. I had a lovely time and felt escorted around town. Darin is an artistic gentlemen. We wrote about the walks and then he shared his websites with me.
and a great book about a guy visiting famous designers homes. I wanted to stay all night and just swim around in the art passion that is Darin. But I had to get some sleep and Darin needed food. :)

Darin was a major self esteem boost. Telling me that the gap in between my front teeth is because I am a sex goddess. We talked about how it feels like I am ready to get out there and love and be loved. Darin was really supportive about this. It was great to talk about love and to have someone say, "YES OF COURSE, OF COURSE you can LOVE and be LOVED." Darin mentioned the great insight, that I have been throwing around too, that maybe this project is about bringing me to a place of love with someone. After so much time learning about others and how they love and loving them platonically, maybe I am ready to take this project to a more intimate spot.We shall see....

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  1. Love your vulnerable talk about love and intimacy. Keep walking and journaling, and sharing it all with us. xo