Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pittsburgh Walk #3 Cheyenne

Cheyenne, I met at Obscure Games. She is an ex of David’s and was very interested in walking. She had seen the kickstarter video from a post on facebook. We exchanged numbers and texted to get in touch the next day. She picked me up (how nice!) and we went to the Pitt and CMU campus area in Oakland. It was a GORGEOUS hot day in Pittsburgh.

We walked across several gorgeous bridges with lots of art located on them.
 Including one of the protractors I mentioned in my last post.
Cheyenne is a giver. You can tell by the way she openly received my project and what she gave to me in the little bit of time we had together. Cheyenne has MS. Which she announced as we walked. She wanted to make sure I knew so that if she swerved to the left or right I knew why.
We spoke openly about her open relationships, our lives, our thoughts on Pittsburgh, on living with a disease, and our aspirations. Cheyenne said the most amazing thing. She spoke of how in her life if something is going to be stressful she doesn't do it. If she thinks something will bring her happiness she tries it. I think this is amazing. That we are taught there is a certain way we need to live and it includes a whole hell of a lot of stress. We actually have a choice to take on what we do.
It was a hot day, but we kept our hands cool by loosening the grip a bit. This created a great little pocket of cool air. The rest of our hands were sweaty but the palms stayed cool for quite awhile  until our grips tightened again.
I was nervous about walking with someone I know is not monogamous. When I wakled with David his relationship choices came out over time, not before the walk.This fear dissipated almost immediately. Right away, there was a great amount of energy between Cheyenne and I. One that was located right where I had felt it laying on the spa wet room table months ago. I take it as a sign that we both were really open to the experience and relaxed enough to receive energy. But who knows maybe it was just that I had a lot of pent up energy and it was bursting forth.
While walking in silence, I had a lot of trouble because I started to worry about Cheyenne’s help. But I stopped myself from breaking silence and realized if there was a problem she would let me know. That is what communication is. In general, I was really tired the day we walked, may 2. And I was cranky when the walk started. But as these walks will do, I was feeling great about meeting someone I felt destined to meet. I learned so much for cheerful, giving, Cheyenne  About stress, about letting it go, and about living life with happiness no matter what life throws at you.

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