Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Walk with Leslie Athens, GA #2

Leslie is one powerful woman. She had a powerful stride and energy. She was set to go and away we went. It was a walk that took us along the historic Boulevard street in Athens. It was a gorgeous overcast day. We both got sweaty. we both had swollen hands by the end of the walk.

We walked at 2pm which was a hot hot day. We talked about my time in Africa. We talked about liking being alone, love, and family issues. It was a really comfortable walk and one in which I felt like I could open up to her.

the energy Leslie shared with me was so wide open and like a sun burst. I really really really really enjoyed this energy. It was a real gift to be given this kind of walk. This type that was so open and alive at the end of my walks.

We walked and walked and walked. Leslie had asked how long walks are and I said 30 minutes to an hour and half. And as I mentioned I am not so good with the heat, so after an hour I suggested we head back. she was like, "Oh, ok..." When we got back and I told her how long we had walked she was super suprised as she thought it hadn't been that long. Which I think is a really magical thing about these walks. That they seem so short because of the type of experience they are.
I think about what it would be like to walk with Leslie several times. would it be as magical? Or would we get used to eachother? I am excited to have the time to explore this idea in the Fall in Half Moon Bay.

We walked by the most gorgeous front yards and this amazing rusty water tower. This is where we took our pictures for the walk.....
We did the silent part of the walk and Leslie laughed a little bit. Overall I didn't feel much. But this is a walk where I actually feel knitted to Leslie. Like my energy is knitted to her from my shoulder down. That is how intensely we shared.
I truly am already starting to leave the head space of this project. I am trying to hold on to get this all down.

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