Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Walk with Kathryn in Athens, GA Walk #1

I got to Athens, GA on Wednesday. I was pretty tired and very excited to be in one place longer than 6 days. I am staying with Katherine. The woman that gave me a hell yes when I asked if I could come down to Athens for a few weeks and make something at her press, Double Dutch press.

Kathryn, who is a friend of Katherine's, is an artist. She met me at Double Dutch press for our walk. We had had a drink together the night before so I had spoke to her a little bit but not much. Walks always help me get to know people faster and I was excited to make a connection in Athens.
When she got to the studio she said "oh I have to tell you on the way over here I got nervous. Cause I started to think about if people will see us walk together?!" I really loved Kathryn's honesty and openess about these feelings.
As we walked we did stick to side streets a lot. Which I took as a sort of reticence to be seen. At this point in the walks, I noticed it and let it go. It is ok. For us to enjoy the walks and Kathryn doesn't have to push herself to be seen on busy streets. We were seen enough on side streets. What was great about Kathryn is in her observations she mentioned this sticking to side streets and questions her reasoning too. And I think it is a little bit of both. Side streets are calmer and nicer and it is nerve wracking to walk with a woman in public.

Myself, I was hot and sweaty. Georgia is not a cool temperature wise, a place to walk. But I was so excited to be here that I just let myself get sweaty. As I near the end of this part of Walk with ME, I am just enjoying the walks and being present. A middle aged guy waved and smiled at us and that was a win for me.

Kathryn mentioned noticing houses and how people live. Also, feeling calm on the walk. We got into a great chat about art. It was great to get Kathryn out of her social group and have this one on on time. Where we could connect and learn about one another. I didn't learn anything about Kathryn while having a few drinks but walking I felt like she opened up to me and we had a great talk. her artwork is interesting and I feel glad I have time to make a new friend here in Georgia.
Energy wit Kathryn was airy but enclosed. With being tired and getting ready to take a break from walks. I feel like I am more relaxed. I am an old hand at this.

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