Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 days until Boston

Wednesday, April 10...what day it is has a lot less importance as work, art, and life, get all blurred together. I am feeling incredibly lucky to have created the time and space to explore what my life can be and what art is to me. It has been a really long week of saying good bye and trying to work as much as I can. So I can pay the health insurance my family insist I get. 
Everyday is a chance to stay in the present moment. To reach out to people and let them in.following this dream is keeping me in the present. It hasn't been easy, as I dream up what my life can be. I wonder what my life could/would be like if I just didn't dream so big and stayed here in Highland Park. Who would I fall in love with? what could I build if I just stayed put? What connections would be made? But then a friend cheers me on and screams out, "This is going to be the most amazing adventure!!!" It will be, and I hope to share it with all my loves in Los Angeles and here. 
The picture above is what my life now looks exploded backpack, prints of the book, and advil. For the past two weeks, I have gotten together soundscapes for the Ben Maltz Gallery's opening of "This Side of the 405," worked with Jinger Heffner a few days to help install the same show, 

worked with Kim Abeles as an art assistant, and had the most heart-wrenchingly wonderful going away dinner. 
Ten of my bestest friends, along with a friend who is a chef, created/enjoyed a 7 course meal to celebrate my going away. The chef's house is so beautifully decorated and the food was served with such love and precision, all of us floated from one course to another, drinking, talking, and laughing. the lights were a little low and the napkins were cloth, I looked around the table and saw four and a half years of really good decisions. Decisions to connect with artistic, loving, kind, funny people. When I first started running, I would get discouraged or want to stop, in those moments I would think of my friend Laurie cheering me on. I would sort of thinking of her holding me up lovingly as I ran. I now have these visual images of my best friends sitting around this table and outside in the glow of late night hanging lights, to hold me up while I get out on the road. When things get rough, I have dozens of friends that I will imagine and have their support instantly.All the hugs I got at the end of the night will keep me going. 
 So I have been working hard on making money and preparing for this trip. Along with this, Alen Catolico and I have met and he has shown me the drafts of the book treatment...and all I can say is this is going to be a stunning book that continues to be more than i could have imagined. Wow! Things keep rolling along with all the hard work Alen and I are putting into the concept and content of this book. 

Stay tuned! I will be posting lots of images and stories this coming two months! 


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