Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Arrival

I have made it. To the eastern border. The sun was just coming up as we landed the plane. The sunset was tri colored and majestic.
This lucky girl got three seats to herself and slept at least 4 hours laying down.
I had a dream that in front of me was an eye that a reneal doctor? Who had just won some important position. The surgery he did was one in which he could get people who couldn't see color to see it again. I told him as an artist that was interesting to me.
I am writing this as I have set up camp in the baggage terminal. As my friend, Jesse can pick me up at the reasonable hour of 8am. Not 6am.
I feel fresher than yesterday when I was so nervous for leaving and on 5 hours of sleep. I am hoping to grab a few hours of sleep on Jesse's couch. And settle in.
Time is a lot less frantic for me. As I move through this new type of time and space of travel. I am just trying to flow from one thing to a next and not get caught up trying to force things to go faster.
I have a lot of work to do on the content of the book. And I will get to typing it up....right now. :-)
Here we go!

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