Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walk with Jeremiah and Oliver Walk #3

It had been a long day of walks by the time Jeremiah had gotten home. But maybe it was all of the good food Rochelle had been feeding me. But I still had some energy to walk and I was excited for the trails we were going to get to walk on. I hadn't heard much about where we were going but I had heard it was pretty amazing. Oliver, Rochelle and Jeremiah's 7 year old came with us for the walk. 
I was a little nervous to walk with Jeremiah, as he is the significant other of my friend. And it is weird to leave your friend at her house to go play with her son and partner. But she said we should get going. So away we went. The other thing is that Jeremiah is a very quiet person and I am not. I was worried it could be awkward. But what I am learning in this project is that I have a choice of how I react to sound and silence. Not judging silence or talking.
We got to Dogtown an abandoned settlement from 1641 in between Rockport and Gloucester. Both Jeremiah and Oliver both started out holding my hands.
Oliver was able to stay with me for a few minutes but then really started enjoying kicking the rocks and running in front of us.
It wasn't that unfamiliar to hold
Jeremiah's hand. If anything it was strangely familiar. Jeremiah is not much taller than me and it really is nice to hold someone's hand that is close to your height. He said that he didn't really notice our holding hands until we stepped over a rock and he noticed the level change.
Once again, I enjoyed how a man's finger nestles into the nook of the finger joint on the front of my hand. I feel like I am stealing time of enjoying this experience.
The walk was easy with the fact that Jeremiah had lots of facts to tell me about Dogtown. He was my tour guide of this. Along with the public art works commissioned by Babson in the 1930s as part of the WPA. It had large morals carved into the rocks out here in the abandoned settlement of Dogtown. It was truly a post modern project in it's appearance, this large text piece set in the background of the New England country side. 
this was a very very long walk. But I never wanted to not hold hands with Jeremiah. It was comforting and fun to scramble around pathways and go to the moral rocks.
I like how Jeremiah wouldn't let go of my hand when he looked at the map. It was comforting and reassuring in some way. And once again, when I walk with someone who I know loves someone else so completely, I feel like I stole something a bit, or that I got a special gift. I think that part of this trip is learning that it is ok to love men. That may sound weird but to let go of my fear of that. So I get to practice being comfortable with men with this project. Oliver was great to walk with because he kept us focused on the search for the art work and to make things light.
Jeremiah and I both joked about how I was borrowing Jeremiah and Oliver and we were pretending to be a family. Which for me, that is a completely forgein idea. And it was fun to play with our photos. If you looked at it, it could be a family photo. It was a new thing to think about in this project as I have never walked with a guy and his child. Just a woman and her child.

Overall, we had a good time hiking around and I really enjoyed Babson's moral rocks.  I also pulled out some old geology knowledge with remembering what moraine meant. :)

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