Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombed

This isn't how I thought this trip would begin. I was worried about getting harassed on buses or trains by lechery men. I wasn't worried about bombs or guns. In a way, I feel disconnected from those things. I got to Boston this morning at 6am. And my friend Jesse picked me up from the airport. I got to go to his house and meet his lovely daughter and she is wonderful wife. I then fell asleep on the couch for most of the day.
I got up to go to the grocery store with the ladies. That is where we found out about the bombing. When I heard explosion, I thought that the fire works at the end had malfunctioned, or something to that effect. Right now more information is coming out.
Families are amazing centers of love...that is what I have been thinking about as i get to see Jesse and Jenny's family. Getting to see jenny take care of Opal is a beautiful thing.The scary part is Jenny and Opal had gone to the marathon while I was sleeping. They got there early and Opal got sleepy. so they left. They welcomed me into their home and at the same time thoughts of how things could destroy a home so quickly. I think about the mothers and fathers that now have lost a limb because they were sitting on one of those bleacher seats.Or who has lost a family member of the two people who have died. 
Tomorrow I am starting the walks for my project. Jessica, a friend of a Public Practice student in LA, is meeting me to go for a walk. she is a teacher and though we haven't met seems like an amazing woman. We have planned to meet in Harvard Square. I don't know if the T will be up and running the subway cars tomorrow. I don't know what will be happening with public transit in Boston. I am sure the security will be intensified. I am planning on getting all around this city on the T. Let alone the fact I plan on taking public transit from city to city. What is safe after today? How do I react to moving around? How much fear is warranted and appropriate of the possibility of a bomb going off as I travel? I have to do this project. I need to walk with people. But part of me wants to go home and hug my parents.
I have to try. I have to get out there tomorrow and hold Jessica's hand. Which truthfully didn't feel that revolutionary as I was flying here last night. Suddenly, the act of being in Harvard Square and walking down the street seems like quite the act of defiance against fear.Or something...

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