Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Walk in Boston (Quincy)

Walk #1 in Quincy Mass.
Jessica is a friend of a Public Practice student in LA. We were planning on walking in Harvard Square but with the bombing downtown, Jessica wanted to wait until she could go into town with her boyfriend and friends. With how emotional this event is for her, I completely understood this desire. As Jessica and I had never met and that is a lot of emotion for two strangers to share. So I got on the train and went out to Quincy to meet with her. I was a bit terrified to get on the T because your fears will run wild after a bombing. I was worried that the train would be blown up. There were a few national guardsmen at the Harvard Square Red Line Station and I got to Quincy with no incidents.
Jessica picked me up and away we went to this lovely spot right near the Atlantic Ocean. I was almost back to square one with the nerves that happen before these walks. There was the added travel and the fact that I was going somewhere far I would need to safely travel back to my home base. For the first minute or so, we were silent as I asked Jessica to be my test walk on being silent. It worked out alright but a strong somatic connection really wasn't made until we had spoke for awhile, probably around 10 minutes of speaking. Jessica put me at ease and showed me her home town!!! Which it is always great to meet someone that loves their city. It was a lovely walk with a lovely view and as we walked I felt alive again with the importance of this project, with a feeling of connection, and with the realization that I have to admit that this project is partly about me finding a more calm and focused way to live. Which may mean for me, more travel and more service to others. I meet all of these people that are giving continually. Including Jessica, a special education teacher and the care she puts into teaching and caring for these kids was apparent just after 2 hours. that intention and detail to life is beautiful!
Afterwards she took me to the newest ice cream shop and we ate to our hearts content and continued to chat. I had yogurt and it was coffee toffee. And let me tell you it was a treat. I was pretty tired after the walking and chatting and kind of nervous feeling. I guess in a way I have re-opened up this channel of learning after a couple of months of just preparing to continue this project.

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