Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reminiscing Central Square

After walking in Quincy, I was pretty jazzed up. So I decided to get off at Central Square, and see how it looked 7 years after I lived there. my local food co-op had moved across the street next to my art supply store. But for the most part things looked the same.

A walk down memory lane...

This is where it all started. I visited Julee in one of these apartments for Spring Break.
The Old Street! Which was farther down than I remember.
This is where I had my first real art show.

The old apartment. Everything around it looked great and remodeled. Our old place looked decrepit.

Here is the gallery I did a few shows with.

Here is where I became a foodie. At Dali. A Spanish tapas place.

My 24th birthday party was at this restaurant. :)

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