Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walk #4 Holding Two Adult Hands Linda and Michael

Michael's Reflection
I thought Gloucester might be a sleepy time for me. But the thing is, Rochelle is really excited about my project. Which is flattering in itself but she got her family and friends all into it too. So I had another day of walks planned for my second day in Gloucester. :)

So Rochelle took me over to her mother's house. Her Mom, Linda, lives with her two sons and daughter-in-law in Rockport. Linda and her son, Michael, decided to walk with me together. Which this two person thing is a new occurrence with the project. I am a bit wary of it because I can't concentrate on one person. But this experience ended up feeling really successful.
At first, i thought that Michael was going to film the walk as he brought his camera. But he was actually integrating his own project into the walk. Which was a short film about Cape Ann. He valiantly held his camera the whole walk for a few minutes of footage.

It was a drizzly cold Rockport day. At this point this California transplant was sick of the cold. i got bundled up and away we went. Molly the dog led the way and us three a daisy chain of humans. At first, I was so nervous I thought I would sort of short circuit. i was nervous and I was confused about how to make this work. Then I realized if i didn't calm down neither could Linda and Michael. So i calmed down. We talked about the project, we talked about heart, we talked about sustainable living options. It was hard to focus on both of them at once. But i just tried to listen to the person speaking and stay connected. Michael is a young man who had some great insight into men and trust.  Linda is a vibrant woman who was really open and truly interested in the project and my motives behind it. We all discussed the issues of men and issues of intimacy. We shared examples of how we would like to see men free-er to touch and drink girly drinks. We enjoyed walking by the quarry in Rockport. We enjoyed staying connected as we jumped over a muddy stream! It truly is art to navigate a muddy stream while holding two people's hands. Linda reflected that it was like being a child again and how much fun it was...and it felt that way. these walks just calm you down while also making you incredibly happy. What fun to do that with three people. I feel like I would have learned more about both of them if their were separate walks...and since it was a mother son duo, I was a bit more PC.
Though, by the end  I felt really open and close to both of them. Laughing and talking about personal things that don't always come out on walks.
with us being a circuit of energy, I just tried to enjoy it. As i couldn't really pay attention to the energy of just one of them...I just rolled along with our energy. both Linda and Michael were really open to the process. It was a joy to walk with them. And Michael drew the nicest drawing as his response.

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