Saturday, April 27, 2013

Walk with Maxine Walk #1 in NYC

I am overwhelmed with NYC. I had forgotten how fast and how furious the people run here. It is a know your shit kind of place and watch out for pickpockets. The interesting thing is Maxine calmed me down. She told me not to worry. That if anything I would get attention for being pretty now for someone trying to rob me. And she is right, as I calm down, the city isn't so bad. People just need to get from A to B and don't really care to connect to strangers on the train.
When I met Maxine, her face shone like the brightest star. When you have Maxine's attention, you have all of it. That is a welcome sight in today's world. Maxine is a friend of my friend, Hataya. They had gone to undergraduate school together. When I told Hataya I would be going to New York, she told me immediately that she had someone that would want to walk with me.

Maxine and I met at 'Snice, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant on 8th Ave and 3rd Street. I love this part of NYC because it is very hard to get lost. And I had no problem getting to the restaurant after going to the Guggenheim and seeing the Gutai exhibit. Maxine and I had lunch before our walk. So we got to talk before holding hands. She is championing a nature center on Long island, which I was eager to here about this project. we talked a lot about my project and it's premise. Maxine is a very encouraging person and she was open with how much she finds what I am doing to be inspiring. It was really great to hear this in person and to take it in. To say thank you. To get excited. I brought that into our walk.

Maxine is a mother and I think that it is more than that. Maxine is a person that loves to help and support others. She was so encouraging and supportive on the walk. I felt like we both got to share about our lives. She told me I was beautiful and pretty. That if I wanted to, I can find who I am looking for. WOW. When do I hear that? I hear it from Hanna, my best friend. Here I had found someone that truly gave back to me.
It was great in this big hectic city to walk with someone, so ready and willing to give this a shot. I brought up past loves. I brought up current hopes. we talked about the city and travel. Maxine just kept saying wow, you are doing so great.

I take this walk as a gift. A gift from Maxine. She kept telling me how generous I was. well, Maxine is generous too. Beautiful day. Beautiful Walk. Beautiful trip to Printed Matter afterwards. Beautiful getting to meet Maxine's daughter. Perfect ending at St. Luke's Church. :)

I am having technical difficulties uploading images today. But I wanted to get the text up. Will be updated when tech difficulties are done. 

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