Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gloucester Walk #1

On Sunday, Jesse, Jenny, Opal, and I went out to Rockport to visit with Jesse's sister, Emily and brother-in-law, Niko. I got to meet their daughter Daphne and walk down to the beach. In the fashion of my first week on the road. There was a gun scare. As we past a house a teenager popped his head out of a window and said, "There is a man with a gun down at the beach! Don't go that way!" Then some cops showed up and told us to go the other way...
Niko mentioned feeling that we probably would be fine going to the beach. That everyone was just a little jumpy. Which in the end seemed to be true. But when a cop tell you to turn around. You do. About five minutes later the cop drove to where we were walking and told us the situation was under control.
After this exciting walk, I just keep thinking about fear. About how it will make you jump to it and run the other way...
After getting more kid time in and chatting with everyone, Jesse, Jenny, and Opal dropped me off at Rochelle's in Gloucester. Which is surprisingly close to Rockport. I am amazed at how close everything is on the East Coast.
Rochelle is a friend from when I studied in Florence, Italy. She was a grad student when I was a young twenty year old. We had intense conversation at school, and I would wander the painting studios of the upper level painters and give unsolicited crits and encouragement. :)
Rochelle has set up a few walks for me to hold hands. When I arrived Rochelle she gave me the biggest hug and I felt very comforted.
After a nice night catching up, Rochelle, Lucy, her 2.5 year old, and I got out the stroller walked down to the water. We started holding hands here. Rochelle mentioned in her observations that she was worried a bit about what people would think, since Gloucester is such a small town. But I hadn't even thought of it as we clasped hands. Rochelle is a very comforting person. It was reassuring to have her clasp my hand so assuredly.
It was cold and windy near the water, but it was very lovely with the water rolling in as we strolled Lucy and held hands. Rochelle was so adept at it I never noticed that she was pushing the stroller. We joked about me finding a fisherman husband. This walk was a joy because it felt so natural and everyday.
We walked up to the state park that is at the end of the promenade/boulevard. It was a gorgeous site. We talked about light and heavy topics, like friends. It sort of feels like I am this flighty thing that has come into Rochelle and her families life and I get to flight out. And that Rochelle looks at that flightiness as a positive. As I look at her with her gorgeous little family, I am envious of it. How there are things to anchor her to her reality. Sort of like, what am I doing, being so light? Love is actually a heavy thing.

 As we reflected Lucy drew. As we walked back, I got to hold Lucy's hand for awhile. It was a lovely lovely walk. After the longest week, with all that terror and sadness, the walk with Rochelle was an energizer. It was great to get out and walk with a dear old friend.

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