Thursday, April 18, 2013

Walk with Adrian Walk #3

I am trying desperately not to get behind on walks. Adrian and I walked last night and after three walks today, I need to get my impressions of Adrian and I's walk down.I am extremely tired but content as I write this.
 I have known Adrian for 7+ years but other than a few very brief times we have only know each other through gchat. There had been a few nights in our early 20s where he had to listen to me bemoan the fact one of his best friends was not interested in me. :) I have always liked Adrian because we can appreciate a sad song and I always felt instantly comfortable with him. Which is what happened on this walk.
Adrian had chosen a route where we went through the Harvard Divinity School and we happened upon the grounds of a music academy. Or that may have been planned to... Both places in the spring evening were gorgeous places to walk. There were purple lupine (I think), cherry (?) tree blossoms, and magnolia blooms EVERYwhere.The walk was really easy and we talked about our lives, this tour, walking silently, and about tension. How tension is a part of the creation of art, in his experience with music and mine with my exploration of the arts.

 I am feeling a little left out or behind or something as a lot of my friends on the East Coast are now married/marrying and have kids/will soon have kids. Adrian asked if I was dating anyone...and I had to truthfully slightly terrifyingly say no. I tried to shrug it off with a "You know me Adrian, I don't DO that. DATE." This is a complicated subject, as I definitely left some things unsaid when I left LA. I wish I was better at sharing my emotions. I wish I was someone who could let someone else in. Hence this project. But I don't feel less than....I just would like to take the time to cultivate something as special as love with someone...all in good time, I guess. 
Both Adrian and I are really into the shadows from the walk.
 Adrian and I tried being silent during the walk. Which was an amazing experience. I really noticed the energy coming from our shoulders. I thought about how Adrian has a big heart and that maybe that is why I felt so much energy from that area of his body. Adrian, an engineer, had some amazing insights about how by focusing on the points of contact on our hands he could feel when my right foot was striking the ground and when my left foot was striking the ground.
Hipster Shot
Afterwards, Adrian and I had dinner with Jesse, Jenny, and Opal. Then Adrian and I went to a local bar to have a drink. We tried to go to Trina's but it was packed so we went next door to a loud sports bar and watched the Bruins game slip away and talked about our lives, our passions, and gossiped as old friends will. Adrian is from Pittsburgh which is on my tour route, and he gave me a great site art made by Maxo Venka. Along with the hopes of more walkers in DC ad Pittsburgh. Adrian is someone who lets me be me and I really appreciated that on the walk and at the bar...though I look back and I wonder if I let Adrian speak at all that night, I talked so much. :)
My attempt at a duel selfie.

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