Monday, April 22, 2013

Lock Down

It is a few days after my walk with Alison. It was a crazy week and I have been going through a lot of emotions. Alison and I had a walk scheduled for Friday morning at 10am at the Flour Bakery in Cambridge, right by MIT. I woke up and got my cell phone and got right on facebook as I am known to do. And as I was scanning the news feed. Up popped a post about how all Cambridge/Watertown people were not supposed to leave their houses...well that was where I was. As I looked at the image of the post. It showed the travels of the suspects of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Jesse came in and we talked about what we had saw and turned on the television. The three of us sat on the couch for the next two to three hours watching the news reports of what was going on. Which truthfully told us close to nothing and just got me more and more we were just a few streets away from the bombing suspects apartment and the news was saying they may detonate bombs at the house...
I don't know if you have ever HAD to stay inside. Say house arrest. Or something to that effect. Three healthy adults and one child were pacing about an apartment for the day. I continued to get jumpy and was paying attention to if cars were coming down our street. I saw the same truck pass by twice and I imagined that the bombers accomplices or the FBI were in that truck.
Alison woke up a little later than I and we spoke on the phone and we switched the walk to Saturday in hopes that the lock down would be over.
Throughout the my thoughts would swing from wondering if they had caught the right lines of innocent till proven guilty type of thoughts, and thoughts of how young suspect #2 was. How could someone that young be a total monster? Also, why did they need an army of cops to catch one young man? My mind would then shift to the dead and wounded at the marathon and how awful it was that they had died and that they should catch the people that did that. That everyone is under a lot of pain from this and fear. I was fearful to go to New York without someone being caught for this. I wanted it to be over with quickly.
It was one of the longest days of my life sitting in Jesse's apartment waiting for this to end. When it did end. I did not run out into the streets cheering. I was exhausted from waiting and fearing the deaths of more people somehow. We all went to bed early. Hopefully to start the next day normally.

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