Saturday, April 27, 2013


I was told I had to tell the story of my arrival in NYC.
So I got on the train in Boston and away the Acela Express went! For the most part I had an empty seat until we got to New Haven. A petite older woman sat down next to me. she turned out to be french. As we entered NYC we spoke some and I told her about the project. I thought what the hell this woman is excited about my project I will ask her. :) She quickly declined but wished me luck. I think this interchange is interesting because of my wanting to ask strangers...I think it is really hard to go up to someone and ask them to hold hands, for both sides. Having a friend introduce me makes it possible for people to trust me. I guess as the opportunity arises I will keep asking strangers and see what happens.
After getting off Amtrak, I was sort of panicked about Penn Station and went from one ticket station to another to get my metrocard. The metro here is $2.50 a ride (EEK) and I should have just gotten $40 worth of rides instead of $10 because I have already refilled my card twice.
Anyway, here is the funny story. I get on the A train around 4pm. I am pink faced from sun and sweat and have 25-30 pounds on my back and no place to sit. I finally sit down at around 110th (from 32nd) and I am feeling pretty good about how things are going getting to 191st street.
While I was standing I noticed a guy in his late 20s-early 30s, sitting down. White tshirt, black slacks, red sunglasses that were of the aviator fashion made with red plastic, black loafers, the slightly narrowed at the end kind that are all the rage in NYC, and tattoos gracing both of his large biceps. The tattoos wrapped around his arm and seemed to be some scene that I could only see half of. Everyone was gawking at me so I didn't think much of when he looked at me swaying on the train.
When I sat down, I was so happy. I have to admit I didn't have my "bus face" or in this case my "train face" on very well yet. I learned this face in NYC, my don't fuck with me face I wear on public transit. The look that when you pass before me I don't flinch. I found myself looking at the guy in the red glasses. He had a sculpted face and those tattoos....
I was discreet and i wasn't staring. But I was a caught out. Red Glasses and I looked at eachother at the same time. Which led to me looking away very quickly. When I looked back, the glasses were gone and I was staring into the eyes of this guy. His look said a few flirtatious things. My face probably pinker than it was before looked away. I had to smile to myself. It felt dangerous and good to be caught up in this silly game of train car stare down. But that is where this story ends as I didn't look back in any flirty way. the glasses went back on a few stops later and Red Glasses left the train. It was quite the welcome back to NYC. 

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