Friday, April 19, 2013

Walk with Irina Walk # 5 Somerville

Irina is an amazing woman. I have known for 8 years. We met through a bicycle "gang" that a mutual friend invited me to. I went on a night ride of this group and got a flat tire...i was incredibly embarrassed by the 4 people that fixed the flat and kept us stuff outside of central square for 45 minutes. On that ride, I met a future boyfriend and hung out with Irina. Irina and I are still friends after all these years.
It sometimes is more nerve wracking for me to walk with people I know. With strangers there are no expectations and I am really good with meeting new people. I am not so good at the everyday friendships. At first it felt like Irina and I had nothing to speak of. Irina is sick so I think she was just focusing on staying present in the walk while feeling sort of miserable. This speaks of how much she honors my project and how much she honors my art. i am so glad that she is excited for my project.  But the last 1/4 of the walk we talked of our secret desires and our secret worries.

I noticed that Irina and I's hands were a good fit and that I could feel a sort of giggle/bounce/reverberation as we wanted. I really enjoyed this. I like how we were similar heights and that we are similar weights and that we are similar.
When we were silent I didn't notice any energy changes. I am not sure why. One reason could be that I was very tired already from the first walk. The energy i felt in our hands felt like a large round pea. i realy enjoyed that image in my head. 
As Irina sits blocks from where I am staying. Where I can not go. Since there is a possibility they will detonate bombs off close to where we both are living. I just feel overwhelmed by friendship. How it gives you more to worry about and more to love and more to grieve...that I have collected people all over the world to love and that I am so glad for that. But so saddened at the same time. That with that I have more to lose.That I can't put together words or thoughts very well because I am so worried about the state of the world. I have been debating what do I do. Do i keep my traveling plans as they are...or stay here. What does solidarity look like?
Duck Village being revamped

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