Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Walk #5 Rockport/Gloucester Emily

Emily is Jesse's sister. I went to her wedding about 8 years ago. Her husband is an amazing computer scientist. They have been happily married and just about two years ago had a baby. Emily was eager to be a walker. The day had turned cold, cold, cold, cold, COLD! I must admit i was EXHAUSTED before this walk. I was flat out ready to curl up in a ball and fall asleep. But the thing with this trip is. I have one or two chaces to see people. And I wanted to see Emily and Niko one more time. They are dear but far away friends.
Emily took me down Marmion Rd in Rockport. A gorgeous streatch of road above the ocean. i was FREEZING. But the walk was beautiful.
I felt a little like we didn't get past gossiping on this walk. But it felt good to sort of share thoughts on old friends and my life now. Emily is energetic and really interested in the fact that I do not drive and take transit. She is someone that doesn't say "how do you do that?" But rather, "That is SO AWESOME!" Which I really appreciate. We were frozen but we had a great chat. Like most walks it started out awkward but it was very compfortable as we rounded the bend to go back to her house.
Emily mentioned who needs a therapist when you have a walk...and it is true. We let out a lot of secrets and feelings on these walks. Which is why they make me feel so light sometimes. It is the reason I am exhausted for hours after them too. So much is shared, words, energy, thoughts, and feet hitting the pavement...Every walk there is the burst of energy and every walk there is the exhaustion that comes later on.

I mentioned feeling behind to Emily. After seeing all these friends with kids. But as I sit here in NYC, catching up on my blogs. I have to say I am ok with not having kids yet. I am ok with my speed and my way of life. I will try to remember Emily saying it's ok. Now staying with Pam, I can remember not everyone has a child. (Though I love every single one I got to spend time with the past week and half.)

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