Friday, April 19, 2013

Walks Suspended

We woke up this morning to more news about the bombing suspects of the Boston Marathon on Monday. It seems that overnight the suspected bombers were on the MIT campus and that they killed an officer and robbed a 7-11 and then carjacked an SUV. They got to Watertown, MA, a suburb west of Boston. Where there was a gun fight and one of them died. When I woke up, on facebook, there was a post about how we were all asked to stay inside. now we are glued to the TV...waiting to hear if they will capture the other young man. It is a sad sad story. As they humanize the young men who did just makes it a sadder story. They are trying to learn more about the man who is still alive and it drives me crazy as they interview people who obviously never we friends with the young man. Also, the way they are invading the uncle's lives of the young man....asking them to condemn a family member...just makes me more sad. They obviously knew nothing as they haven't spoken to the young man for years...It just gets more complicated and more sad.
Obviously, my walk with Alison is cancelled for this morning. As no one is supposed to leave their homes. I am in shock. Scared, as there are cops surrounding a house less than a mile away. though for the most part I feel safe up on the third floor of a house.
This is all overwhelming and I wonder how I am supposed to react. Stay in Boston and continue to walk here? Just stay calm and keep traveling?
So I have lots of time to blog and play with Opal as we sit here. For an hour, we just sat on the couch....watching the news. Now I hope to blog about my walks from yesterday.

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